Steve Coates, a fellow laryngectomee, has been doing it tough lately, spending months in hospital and submitting to multiple surgical procedures. His latest surgery was 12 hours with a team of four surgeons. To add to his woes, he’s also had his VP removed. It’s not surprising that he’s been feeling a bit down lately – anyone in his situation would be.

Despite being confined to hospital, Steve keeps busy doing what he loves most – creating works of art that are meticulous in detail and visually stunning.

Steve is a very talented Indigenous artist, with viewings of his work at the Black Door Gallery in Penrith, an art gallery that specialises in supporting local and interstate indigenous artists.

Here’s a sample of his work.

If you are interested in purchasing any of his work, or know relatives or friends who collect Indigenous art, you can contact Steve via email at

Steve would love to hear from you, even if it’s to send him good wishes or comment on his beautiful paintings.