We provide personal, friendly support to anyone affected by laryngectomy surgery.

For supplies and welfare assistance, please contact our dedicated welfare coordinator Yvonne Byrnes. Contact details below.

Our speech aids coordinator, Chris Barrett, will be unavailable from the 20th of March to the 9th of April, and again from the 6th to the 29th of June.

If you need batteries or assistance with your electrolarynx device, please contact Chris outside of these dates.

If you have an emergency and need assistance during the dates that Chris is unavailable, contact Yvonne, our welfare coordinator, via email to welfare@lansw.org.au or phone 02 9344 0445.

How welfare can help

  • Welcome Packs delivered to laryngectomees in hospital or their home post-surgery
  • Periodic newsletter – Still Talking
  • In-hospital visits with laryngectomees providing comforting support pre and post-surgery
  • Guidance and assistance for laryngectomees, partners and carers
  • Support group services for anyone and everyone who needs them
  • Products and lary supplies – stoma covers, shower shields, seatbelt covers and more – plus free postage for members!


You’ll receive a complimentary ‘Welcome Pack’ when you join the association.

The pack includes the following items:
A toiletry bag, vanity mirror, forceps, stoma cover, personal light, stoma wipes, emergency car window sticker, emergency seatbelt cover, emergency wristband, a pen, emergency neck breather wallet card, General Information and First Aid leaflet, ‘You Can Say That Again’ booklet.


You can order supplies using the form below. We’ll contact you to confirm your order and invoice you for payment.

Alternatively, call 02 9344 0445 to speak with our welfare coordinator, Yvonne Byrnes.

See below to view available supplies and prices.

Free postage for financial members.

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Welcome Pack
1 complimentary Welcome Pack provided when you join the association

Stoma Covers
Single or double thickness. Other colours are available on request.
$6 each

Shower Shield
Plastic neck shower shield
$30.00 each

Emergency Neck Breather
Seat Belt Cover

1 free included in Welcome Pack
$12.00 each for additional covers.

Emergency Neck Breather

1 wristband included in Welcome Pack.
Replacements are free of charge.

Electrolarynx Batteries
Price advised at the time of order.