ATOS Medical, a leading company in laryngectomy care and part of Coloplast A/S, announced recently that they are sponsoring the new website – “The Laryngectomy site.” The aim of the website is to provide reliable and easy access to information for anyone who will or has undergone a total laryngectomy, and their family and friends.

“Receiving a diagnosis of laryngeal cancer with the recommendation that you undergo a total laryngectomy can cause distress and a difficult time for many. That’s why it is so important that patients have easy access to reliable information on what to expect throughout their treatment course,” says Christina Bjorkander, Head of Digital, Atos Medical, and adds: “My hope is that will serve as a great resource for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers.”

Dr Mario Fernández, MD, PhD, Head and Neck Surgeon, Spain, has authored and co-authored over 30 scientific publications, and he is one of the hosts and speakers at the Global Post Laryngectomy Rehabilitation Course in Barcelona, Spain.

“It is important to think about the patient’s worries because the patient wants to know what is going to happen to them in every aspect of their life. Such information is not available right now, but it should be. For sure, they will feel better if they understand that the decision of undergoing a total laryngectomy is the best decision to deal with the cancer,” said Dr Mario Fernández.

The site contains inspirational and informational articles, videos, and downloadable assets addressing the frequently asked questions of patients and their supporters. The structure is based upon the patient’s experience pre-surgery, in surgery, in the hospital, at home and living as a laryngectomee.

“I think it is important to separate all the aspects of a total laryngectomy to help them [patients] navigate through all the information. So we can talk to them about topics such as their emotional journey, their different needs, and how they are going to learn a new way to speak,” says Katherine Behenna, MSc, Lead Speech and Language Therapist, UK.

Quick facts about The Laryngectomy site
• The content on is validated by an international medical advisory board, which is a multidisciplinary group of key opinion leaders consisting of head & neck surgeons, medical speech pathologists, and nurses.
• The site structure is based upon the patient’s experience along the various phases before and after a total laryngectomy.
• At launch, the supported languages are English, French, German and Spanish.
• The content on does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. For medical advice, one should contact a healthcare professional.
The Laryngectomy website is to provide patients answers to the most frequently asked questions. Watch this video to learn more: