At the August meeting of the Hunter Valley Laryngectomee group, it was unanimously decided to provide $1000 funding to purchase a Laryngectomy Training Model for the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

Amanda Bailey, a Speech Pathologist at the John Hunter Hospital, explained that “the model will help provide education to patients, families and staff regarding laryngectomy management, voice prosthesis cleaning and insertion, how to attach HMES, and how to manage if a voice prosthesis falls out… We have been using it with some of our pre-op sessions and new laryngectomy patients and it has been useful. Unfortunately they are only available to purchase from a Polish company, Kroton, and we are unable to purchase one from our department as we have no budget for it, and there are strict NSW Health guidelines on who we can purchase through, and this company is not an approved merchant for us”.

The Kroton Total Laryngectomy model was created to facilitate the presentation of voice prosthesis insertion in patients after total laryngectomy surgery.
It is made in 3D design technology, from the highest quality polymer material, mapping the physical properties of human tissues.


Also attending the meeting were Nadia Rossin, Chief Executive Officer, and Susie Ridell Digital, Digital Marketing & Communications Manager, from Head and Neck Cancer Australia (HANCA).  Nadia gave a brief talk about HANCA and its work. Head and Neck Cancer Australia is the only Australian charity dedicated to providing education and support to people living with head and neck cancer.

Regular Hunter Valley group members John and Dawn Lovett OAM, Gary and Chris Miller, Terry and Lorraine Black, Nola Pedon, Mel Rissler,  Marianne Bell and, Wally Bak attended the meeting.