At a recent LANSW social meeting, at the Sydney Mechanic’s School of Arts in Sydney CBD, Curtis Woodward (Customer Care Program) and Glen Murray (the new NSW ATOS Business Development Manager) advised us that Enable NSW has increased the Laryngectomee consumables allowance for NSW patients.

Patients will have access to:

  • Increased allowance for HMEs from365 a year up to 730.
  • Increased allowance for non-standard adhesives from 180 a year up to 365.
  • Increased Voice Prosthesis allowance from two to three per year. Clinicians can also request a higher allocation of four per year.
  • Increased allowance for securing devices / neck straps, Voice Prosthesis cleaning brushes.

We discussed the implications of this announcement and noted that a larger allowance means more flexibility to consider products like FreeHands or Provox Life Night adhesives and filters. A great benefit to Laryngectomees using ATOS products.

Why is this important? Based on a recent Australian clinical Study on Provox Life (Ward et al 2023):

  • An optimal day & night regimen using Provox Life HMEs helps to improve sleep for people living with a laryngectomy
    • ~50% of Laryngectomees struggle with sleep
  • HME use increased from 62% to 90% when going from the old Provox range (usual care) to Provox LIFE Day & Night regime (Phase 2)
  • 90% found it easy to decide which HME to use in which situation.

We have written to Enable NSW, on behalf of our members, to get confirmation of when the new allowances are effective. If you are currently using ATOS products, or you are interested in using them, we suggest you speak with your Speech Pathologist to discuss your individual circumstances and suitability.

When we have confirmation from Enable NSW, we’ll post their reply to our news, email members, and include in our next newsletter.


Since the above post was published, Enable NSW has confirmed to us the increased allocations for laryngectomee consumables is now available for NSW patients registered with Enable.

To access the revised allocation, you will need to speak with your Speech Pathologist.  Only your Speech Pathologist can amend your prescription and allocation.

To view the revised funding, visit the Enable NSW website and click on the Funding Criteria link.