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Dawn is a training bust (used to teach speech and language pathologists) and will be a great asset for pre and post operative Laryngectomees to practice their self-care. Dawn was fully funded through the group’s monthly raffles and sponsors. Her namesake Dawn Lovett OAM, pictured below, has been the group’s president for over 30 years. Head and Neck Cancer Australia (HANCA) was told by members that Dawn wasn’t thrilled by having a ‘dummy’ named after her, though she is happy with ‘training bust’. Congratulations to the group who has offered excellent support to the local Head and Neck community for the past 50 years. (Shout out to Amanda Bailey, Speech Pathologist at John Hunter Hospital, who now has ‘Dawn’ as her office buddy. Facebook Link

Dawn Lovett OAM, John Lovett OAM, Amanda Bailey
‘Dawn’, ready for delivery!
Newcastle monthly get together.
Ready for lunch.

Photography by: Wal Bak